Getting to Know the Sniffies App
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Getting to Know the Sniffies AppThe first thing you need to know about the Sniffies App is that it is not only limited for the UK but will also work…

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Gay Hookups In Your Area
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Gay Hookups In Your AreaMany of the gay hookups that can be found online are more common than you might think. It has become far easier to meet people for…

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Findle vs Sniffies
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Findle Sniffies, otherwise known as the Glow Necklace, is a unique new dating app that combines gay hookup apps with a game-type environment. The app allows you to look for…

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Hornet vs Sniffies
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If you are looking for the best gay dating service to hookup with an attractive hornet, then you will want to check out Hornet Sniffies. This is a new online…

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Adam4Adam vs Sniffies
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Adam Adam's Sniffies is the latest in gay dating web sites. It has been created by the gay dating website community itself and has had much praise from within the…

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Grindr vs Sniffies
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Grindmaster Grinder Sniffies and Hookup are a new hookup app from Grindhouse Media. What Grindhouse Media has done with this application is quite unique. It will be the first gay…

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